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Virtual Experiences (the Metaverse)
Imagine interacting with virtual environments as if they were real. You could enjoy a face-to-face catch-up with a friend who lives far away as you explored a virtual Louvre Museum in Paris during the afternoon, before enjoying an immersive concert by your favourite K-Pop group performing live in Seoul – all from the comfort of your own home.

Global brands are viewing the metaverse as a new opportunity to engage more deeply and creatively with its consumers—and unlock new revenue streams.

One of the most successful players in the metaverse world is Roblox. Founded in 2004, the platform now has 47 million daily active users globally.

Brands using Roblox:

Gucci attracted 19M visitors to the Gucci Garden within the Roblox metaverse

Nike launched “Nikeland,” a place in Roblox to play games, socialize and dress their avatars in digital goods like Air Jordans and Nike Blazers.

We work with you to understand your brand and how we can take it into the Metaverse using the Roblox platform. Available on mobile, pc, tablet and console, your experience will have an incredible global reach; and the beauty is, your client or audience won’t need a VR headset to view it.

What we can do for you:

3D Product Presentations

Virtual Events and Live Streams

Virtual Museum and Gallery Spaces

Virtual Exhibitions

Virtual Classrooms

Gaming Experiences

Property walk-throughs and showcase

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